The best price guide to international parcel shipping via Hong Kong

As a major import/export center, Hong Kong offers entrepreneurs a wide range of partners and logistics arrangements for shipping your goods.

Are you an online retailer with an emerging market in Asia? Or have you set up a new business with the intention of trading in Asia? If so, you’ll probably want to ship your goods via Hong Kong with a carrier, a fast and cost-effective way to get packages from China to its neighbors and beyond.

Whether you are importing to Hong Kong to fulfil online orders or exporting from production sites via a Hong Kong port, you need to understand the types of logistics providers available. This includes their prices, the services they can provide and the time it will take.

Hong Kong Post and China Post are postal services offering a range of shipping solutions for domestic and international shipments, including parcels, letters and bulk shipments.

HONG KONG Post for your parcels

Hong Kong Post is the preferred option for sending parcels and international mail from Hong Kong. With a range of affordable and reliable shipping services, Hong Kong Post offers solutions to meet the needs of all customers, whether it’s standard or urgent shipments. Shipping options include express shipping, standard air shipping, sea shipping and small parcel shipping, with varying delivery times depending on the shipping method chosen.

While the cost is generally lower than other options, companies that choose to ship with HK Post may also have less visibility into the delivery process. International shipping this way can take a few weeks or more.

Shipping via CHINA Post

China Post is the national postal service of the People’s Republic of China and is a popular option for sending parcels and international mail from China. China Post offers a range of affordable and reliable shipping services to meet the needs of all customers, whether for standard or urgent shipments. Shipping options include air, sea and small parcel shipping, with varying delivery times depending on the shipping method chosen. In addition, China Post provides comprehensive tracking information for each shipment, allowing customers to follow their package every step of the way. Standard delivery takes approximately 10-20 working days, while express delivery takes approximately 3-7 working days.

Express couriers

These are the large international shipping services like DHL and FedEx. Express couriers can help you with every step of the shipping process, from customs to last mile delivery.

Using an express courier service is a big step up from the postal service in terms of services. You can take advantage of their economies of scale and they have the infrastructure to handle all the logistical details for you.

However, these additional capabilities come with a higher price tag. And when it comes to personalization, you may not have much choice about what happens after the shipment. It’s important to keep this in mind: if something goes wrong in your supply chain, you’re probably not the courier’s number one priority, given their high volume of customers.

Find your logistics service providers

If you want more flexibility, you can choose to set up your supply chain from different logistics service providers.

Third-party logistics providers offer shipping, warehousing or other logistics support through a network of outsourced partners, but they don’t do everything.

Logistics service providers can help you coordinate air and ocean freight. Air freight is a faster option, but it can come with a high price tag. Sea freight is generally cheaper, but takes longer, making it a good option if you are shipping bulk goods and do not have a deadline.

Gather all your documents

First of all, you will need a certification called a “TID licence” if you want to import into Hong Kong.

In addition, you will need to attach various documents containing the details of the shipment. The requirements vary depending on the courier and the country of destination. So be sure to define your requirements with your logistics providers well in advance: the more organized you are, the smoother the shipping process will be.

Determine the costs you will have to pay

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China with a separate tax policy and an independent tariff system. In general, Hong Kong has a free trade policy and does not levy duties on most imports, except for a few specific products such as spirits, tobacco, petroleum products and motor vehicles.

However, it should be noted that Hong Kong applies other taxes and charges on imports such as VAT, excise duties and specific consumption duties on certain products such as alcohol, cigarettes, petroleum products and motor vehicles. The rates of these taxes vary according to the type of product.

It should also be noted that importers must comply with Hong Kong customs and food safety regulations, and fees may be charged for services such as inspections and assessments to ensure compliance with local standards.

Prepare shipments of your goods

Arrange a collection date and location with your logistics provider, or drop off the package yourself at one of their service centres. Also make sure you have all the information you need to track the delivery of your package.

Then make sure you track the delivery of your parcel and make sure it has arrived at its destination on time. If any problems arise, contact your logistics provider for assistance.

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