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Complete guide to opening a company in Hong Kong with a bank account

Hong Kong is an ideal place to set up a business because of its dynamic business environment, political stability and access to the global market. The city’s strategic location gives entrepreneurs easy access to both mainland China and the rest of Asia, making it an excellent starting point for businesses seeking international success. In addition, […]

What is an offshore company? And how does it work?

What does the term “offshore” mean? The definition of the word “offshore” has many different meanings. Originally, the word was used to describe situations or elements that were not located on the coastline of a country or island. For example, the term “offshore” can refer to a person moving to a foreign country. A ship […]

Setting up a company in Hong Kong: steps and requirements

Creating a company in Hong Kong: complete guide, steps and conditions Although Hong Kong has faced difficulties with the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as increased competition from more flexible and business-friendly jurisdictions (such as Singapore or Dubai for example), Hong Kong remains the most coveted city in 2022 because of its tax incentives for startups. […]

Current growth sectors in Hong Kong in 2022

Hong Kong, or as it is called, the New York of Asia, is full of buildings and home to countless commercial enterprises. Indeed, the peninsula is a true international business center, although there are others. Hong Kong has been able to assert itself and develop over the decades and has never lost a place in […]

Complete guide: Why set up a company in Hong Kong?

Why set up a company in Hong Kong? As a renowned international financial center with access to China mainland, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs choose to incorporate here. The process of registering a company is simple and straightforward, and it offers many advantages. This jurisdiction is an ideal place to do business because of […]

Why settle and live in Hong Kong?

If we were to translate “Hong Kong” we would have “perfume port” in the Chinese language. This destination is a major economic center in Southeast Asia. Before becoming Chinese again in 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony. The peninsula has a singular identity, unique to it and far from resembling China. Hong Kong attracts […]

Taxation in Hong Kong

When we talk about Hong Kong we think directly of an offshore territory. But Hong Kong is not an offshore jurisdiction, it is a territory where taxation is low. Income, capital gains and dividends are not taxed, which makes this destination even more attractive to start a business. The relatively low tax rates and favorable […]

Labour law in Hong Kong

Many are ready to abandon the framework and stability of their homecountry labour law to settle in Hong Kong. According to the figures, the French community has experienced the strongest growth in Hong Kong over the last 5 years. Hong Kong law is not advantageous for the employee and is not regulated as such. Indeed, […]