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Why do foreign entrepreneurs choose Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Very few are those who choose their home country to create a company. Nowadays, the majority of them opt for foreign countries or jurisdictions that are much more advantageous in terms of taxation. Hong Kong is one of the leading destinations for entrepreneurs from all over the world. This new wave is explained […]

Choose Merritt to set up your business in Hong Kong

Are you planning to open a company in Hong Kong? And you don’t know when or how to start your business? Merritt Asia Limited can help you set up your business in Hong Kong by taking care of your company formation from A to Z! We strongly advise you to surround yourself with experts to […]

The advantages of starting a business in Hong Kong

Considered to be one of the most free, competitive and stable economies in the world, Hong Kong is an extremely dynamic city and is the ideal platform to serve mainland China and Asia. You won’t find a better place to manage and develop your business with Asia. Conducive to business, Hong Kong offers many advantages […]

We are your “company secretary”!

Hong Kong is one of the most dynamic regions in the world and is considered one of the best jurisdictions to establish a business. Hong Kong benefits from a light tax system; with low tax rates. Ranked the freest economy in the world between 1995 and 2019, Hong Kong represents the perfect platform to develop […]