Setting Up a Company in Hong Kong

Do you want to set up a company in Hong Kong? It can be difficult to find a good company set up provider in Hong Kong, who is neither a reseller nor an amateur.

We are the ONLY provider in Hong Kong to offer you:

– An all-inclusive company set up package (starting from USD 2100 per year) that includes the setting up of your company + a Grade A Registered Address + a professional bank account + all administrative, tax and social formalities + one single invoice for per year for all our consulting fees to avoid bad surprises.

– The implementation and monitoring of the Significant Controllers Register (mandatory as of March 1st, 2018) are included in our package.

– Setup and free use of billing and accounting software.

– The benefits of the extensive skill set of our team of over 55 professionals, and our networks in Hong Kong, the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

– Expertise and experience in the setting up of companies in Hong Kong since 1998.

– Advice related to the maintenance of your company (banking, accounting, audits, etc.).

– Permanent monitoring of international law and tax issues to ensure the sustainability of your company.

– For each file, two  points of contact: a lawyer for legal advice and an administrative officer for any administrative follow-up (mail forwarding, etc.).

– Forwarding and/ or scanning of your company mail company received in Hong Kong.

– A local phone number (with English and Chinese receptionists during Hong Kong office hours) and shared fax number (email forwarding) are included in your package.

– Hosting of a website + domain name + email + pre-installed WordPress

– A guaranteed response in less than 4 hours to all your messages from Monday to Friday from 8AM-8PM via e-mail, phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram or by appointments  in our Hong Kong offices.

– The most comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page about Hong Kong with over 110 questions and answers!

Important information about using a company in Hong Kong

It is important to remind our customers that Hong Kong benefits from a reduced profits tax (max 16.5%) or even zero profits tax (if the company’s activities are carried out outside Hong Kong). Some questions may be asked on the economic nature or exact location of the company’s activities if the company has neither a location nor personnel physically located in Hong Kong.

OECD member countries no longer want to see foreign tax practices that harm their economies and various measures (Common Reporting Standard – CRS , Base Erosion and Profit Shifting – BEPS ) have been implemented to combat aggressive tax planning.

We therefore advise our clients to create a real company with physical activity in Hong Kong. It would be risky to create an offshore company that is non-resident. Similarly, all opaque schemes are at best useless, at worst fraudulent.

We do not offer any nominee service or complex planning with trust, multiple floors of companies, etc. The safest solutions seem to us to be the simplest structures that are the most transparent.

We would advise you to always have a tax expert endorse your country of residence to ensure your structure complies with the tax legislation of your country.

We can answer your tax questions concerning Hong Kong but we cannot advise on the foreign taxation of a non-resident. We would always recommend for a physical presence in Hong Kong and to comply with tax regulations both in Hong Kong and in the home country of the company’s partners.

Why choose us to set up your company in Hong Kong?

Who are we?

  • A Company Secretary duly registered in Hong Kong
  • A global presence with offices in Hong Kong, Dubai and the USA
  • A physical presence in Hong Kong in the district of Kowloon since 1998
  • A team of 55 people worldwide
  • A firm founded and led by lawyers and accountants.


  • An all-inclusive package with a single bill per year: USD 2,100 per year all inclusive.
  • Continuous monitoring of legal and tax situation to ensure the sustainability of your solutions


  • Company set up and license renewals in Hong Kong.
  • Legal, Accounting and Administrative follow up of your company.
  • Support with opening a bank account in Hong Kong.
  • Secretarial services: telephone, fax, mail forwarding/ scanning.

Corporate Services Professionals

Our team is made up of legal consultants and accountants.

A Unique Package

An all-inclusive package: a single bill per year, no bad surprises!

Presence in Hong Kong Since 1998

Our office is located in Kowloon with easy access by taxi and metro (MTR).

Responsiveness & Efficiency

We respond in less than 4 hours to all messages and calls, Monday to Friday.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We respond by email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp and Telegram in less than 4 hours.