Guide to Salary Transfers in China

As part of your business plan, our firm offers a payroll service in China. This is to establish a performance contract with one of our portage companies. It performs the administrative management of the hiring and the salary of your staff. Our portage company carries out the remuneration of your employees and deals with local social charges for your company in Hong Kong.

This opportunity to delegate tasks to a portage company allows the entrepreneur to start his business in China, while benefiting from staff, without worrying about complex formalities such as recruitment, employment contract, billing or payments . Thus, you can get started in business creation in China and work with staff with ease.

This solution saves you from having to set up a representative office (Rep Office) or a local company like WOFE / FICE. This inexpensive service delivery gives you the opportunity to hire staff in China, whether Chinese or foreign. Operational in all the Chinese territory, the portage salary is perfectly legal. In addition, the porting company offers you optimized consulting services on demand. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your company’s establishment on the Chinese labor market.

The entrepreneur who refers to a wage-earning company can also improve its turnover by reducing ancillary costs. Indeed, as a partner, no start-up fund is required, unlike the solution to open an employee representation office. In addition, through a portage agency, opportunities for renting common premises with other business owners are achievable. Thus, the rental costs of the premises are shared.

Our firm is responsible for managing the administrative tasks related to the professional fees of the labor market. We carry out monthly and annual tax declarations as well as the payment of social security contributions. When hiring a foreign employee, we are also authorized to take the necessary steps to obtain a work visa.

The cost is as follows:

Gross salary (before social charges Monthly cost
Chinese employee Less than RMB 10,000 per month RMB  1650 per month
More than RMB 10,000 per month RMB 2 200 per month
Non-Chinese employee Less than RMB 10,000 per month RMB 3 750 per month
More than RMB 10,000 per month RMB 5 000 per month
Residence and work visa for an adult: RMB 5,000 per year

Residence visa for a child: RMB 2,000 per year


  • The 3% tax is not included in this cost. This tax is to be paid only if you request an official invoice “Fapiao” (required only for Chinese companies for their accounting so if our invoice is paid by a non-Chinese company, this tax is not due).
  • Our invoice is issued in RMB. In the case of payment in another currency, we use the exchange rate of the Bank of China + 3% for the exchange costs. If you have a bank account in Hong Kong, you can pay us directly in RMB.

exclu As the number of employees available for this service is limited, this service is primarily reserved for our clients who registered a company in Hong Kong via our services.

We invite you to contact us for more details and in particular for a quote indicating the calculation of social charges according to the desired salary.

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