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The Chinese are very pragmatic and will do everything to facilitate your appointment to HK. When you do not understand your counterpart, do not hesitate to have it repeated. Note that a sense of humor is very well accepted!

When a Chinese gives you a business card (and even any other document), it is customary to receive it by extending both hands. Place yourself in front of the person who is presented to you and, with both hands, offer him your card (upwards, facing your interlocutor). While giving the card, present yourself with a boilerplate formula such as “my name is Pierre DUPOND, nice to meet you” (“my name is Pierre DUPOND, delighted to make your acquaintance [meet you] “). It is customary for visitors to be the first to present their card.

As you give or receive a business card, accompany your gesture with a slight inclination, proceeding slowly and methodically with each person in turn. Do not distribute your cards as if they were playing cards. When you are given a card, read it carefully and treat it with respect.

Pocketing it immediately, crumpling it or annotating it would be interpreted as a sign of non-respect. It is acceptable to leave the cards on the table during the meeting, which will allow you to remember in case the name of your counterpart.

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