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The appointment takes place in two stages:

1/ For the first hour, we will:

    1. Go through and explain all documents related to your company (statutes of the company, registration certificate, stamps …). If it is available, you will be given the green box containing all this information. You can either bring it back with you or leave it safe at our offices.
    2. Sign all the original documents (share certificate, declaration of trust, etc.).
    3. Review your activity with you and validate certain points of your business plan before giving it to the bank.
    4. Exchange your cash deposit for the opening of the account by a check of the same amount in the name of your company (the banking procedures require that the first deposit into an account be made via a check in HK $). This exchange takes place before you and does not involve any commission or fees.
    5. Review the documents you brought (passport, proof of address, etc.).

2/ We then accompany you to the bank where you will meet your account manager. We present your file to the account manager. It is common for the bank to ask you what your business is. If you do not speak English very well, you just have to answer what has been indicated in your business plan (“Business nature” and “Target market”). After some exchanges according to your level of English, the appointment will be finished. This appointment with the bank rarely lasts more than 20 minutes.

ATTENTION: The appointment at the bank is only possible if your company is already registered (Certificate of Incorporation issued). Otherwise, it will not be possible to set up an appointment with HSBC HK but the account opening procedure can be performed in our offices because we have HSBC HK delegation for this.

It takes a total of 2 hours maximum.

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