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HSBC offers withdrawal cards and payment cards. The difference between the two:

  • Debit card (called ATM card): card directly debiting your bank account. It allows you to withdraw funds from all Visa / Mastercard / UnionPay distributors. This card is automatically issued when you open your bank account.
  • Credit card (Visa Gold or Visa Platinum): Visa cards with the credit function to pay merchants (in store or online). This card must be requested (it is not issued systematically).

Please note that these cards are issued in HKD, so they charge your HKD account which must therefore be credited by your other foreign currency accounts if applicable.

For a credit card, the minimum amount to be charged to your account is HKD 30,000 for a Gold Visa and HKD 50,000 for a Platinum Visa.

Support costs for the application of these cards (signature of the forms, delivery to HSBC, etc.) are included in our package.

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