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One can always find a cheaper service provider. But at what price?

At first glance, our packages may seem more expensive than other offers you can find on the internet but look carefully. Because other service providers typically charge separately for each service activity and for consultation. Some will price below cost for setting up your company, but then overcharge for mandatory services later in the year. Once you add it all up, the final annual cost is often more expensive. Additionally, you will have to deal with multiple invoices all year long.

We will issue you a single invoice per year for all services and consultations included in our packages. And note that we can advise you on all the legal and tax issues of your company, throughout the life of your company,

Finally, please note that we are a “Company Secretary” in Hong Kong. Merritt Asia Limited is not a reseller like many sites on the Internet. You are therefore assured of dealing directly with an authorized local agent who has representation in the US, Europe and the Middle East. We are in direct contact with the local authorities (Registries and Tax Administration) which allows us to provide a rapid response to all official requests. Additionally, because Merritt is a Company Secretary, when you use our services, we are bound by “legal priviledge” and legally cannot communicate to third parties any information about your activity. Resellers will not offer you this protection.

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